Servant Leaders and Staff


Meet the team

Carolyn Moore, Pastor

Carolyn is the founding pastor of Mosaic and has been serving this ministry since 2003. She is absolutely in love with the people of Mosaic (and she’s pretty sure they like her, too). The challenge of building an authentic missional community is the thing that gets Carolyn up every day.

My passion is for telling the story of Jesus Christ. I love sharing the truth I’ve found in Him! I love seeing broken people healed and lost people found. My family and I have found such a joy in being part of something as exciting as the start of a new church.

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unnamedChristopher Goss, Director of Worship Arts, Youth, and Young Adult Ministries

Christopher Goss is the Director of Worship Arts, Youth & Young Adults Ministries. He is passionate about worshiping God, disciplining students, and drinking coffee! He loves good music and has a thing for worshiping with his Fender Stratocaster. But disciplining people is what really gets him going. He loves seeing young men and women go deeper in their walk with Christ.

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Virginia Best (Ginny), Director of Children’s Ministry

Building strong relationships in families is Ginny’s passion. Her heart is for leading parents and their children into a lifelong love for Christ and his community. Ginny has been serving Jesus vocationally for nearly two decades in children’s, youth and pastoral ministries. She received training from Asbury Seminary, the North Georgia Leadership Academy and Course of Study School, with an M.A. in Biblical Literacy from Concordia.

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20150320_081615Heather Hill, Director of Community Life

Heather Hill is our Director of Community Life, which means she is all about connection. She loves Jesus, family, and “all things togetherness.” Heather is sort of like our poster child, because her redemption story is pretty awesome. Now that she is surrendered to Jesus, she wants to see everyone else find their own story inside His story. She is never more excited than when she is in a room full of people who want nothing more than to seek Jesus and be together.

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Kathleen Herlo, Creative Resource Manager

Kathleen joined Mosaic in 2007 after she, and her husband Ted, relocated to Augusta in 2005. Kathleen has a background in fine arts, computer graphics, and art history. She has a great way of looking at things and a resourceful creativity that makes all kinds of things happen behind the scenes. Kathleen’s passion for Mosaic is connected to her story. She found Jesus in a small group, so she gets the value of what we do. Now, she uses her creative gifts to keep us all connected. She is a Levite at heart … loving the community of faith and connecting people with ministry.

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Steve Cutcliffe, Lay Minister

SSteve Cutcliffeerving Jesus among those in the margins is the heart and soul of Steve’s call. As a Lay Minister at Mosaic, Steve serves as the pastor of our ministries at Maxwell House (a low- and no-income housing complex for adults with disabilities in downtown Augusta). Steve leads a weekly Bible study and participates in monthly worship and bi-weekly food distribution. But much more, Steve serves as a spiritual leader, guiding those hungry for hope into the life-giving river of God’s love.

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