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Get Ready, Get Set…. Read!

The MoBook Club has officially begun! Begin by reading week 1’s reading assignment. Check back here later in the week to discsuss what you are learning. Remember to pray as you read. Ask the Spirit to work through the words to reach your heart. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

It’s not too late to join!¬†Invite a friend to read with you.¬†Email to register. We will email a Reading and Study Guide to you.



  1. michelle

    Anyone relating to Richard Stearn’s struggle to submit to God’s new “assignment”?

    Comment by michelle on January 1, 2012 at 9:47 pm

  2. Kate Booth

    Week One:
    Yes I am struggling to be completely open to God’s will for my life. I struggle to understand the call on my life. I know that He’s endowed me, created me with my temperment, my intelligence, my passions, just for His work. I know He know’s what He had in mind — it’s me that struggles to understand His call on my life.

    I hear Carolyn say, “The call is the call. The need is not the call.” Where do needs of those around me stop and the call begin? Or vice versa?

    I must be honest and say that I work at being generous with my time, money, talent, but I don’t really think I’m anywhere near close to where He calls any of us to be. It’s still more about what I believe that I can/will do, that measuring up to His call or will or plan for my existance. I pray to be more opent to His voice.

    Question 4: Bingo Card
    My problem is always, what exactly is it that He’s given me to do? Who is my neighbor. What can I do, where do I do it at? I especially felt RS’s statement on pg. 20, “….Jesus’ followerw were not just to proclaim the good news but to be the good news, here and now. I think the holes are those areas where we’re not being the news, but just talking about the news.

    I have to admit, a Bingo card would be easier most days. I’m sure that’s what the law was thought to be, just the list of what I have to do or not do. Check them off when I’m done. But I know that my Father wants so much more from me than that. Just what can I give him is my question? The answer I know is to relax and let him work through me. Harder than checking off the Bingo care, I’m telling you.

    Comment by Kate Booth on January 3, 2012 at 9:43 pm

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