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MoBook Club Discussion: Are our efforts effective?

MoBook Club Discussion: Are our efforts effective?

In which of these programs (or similar programs) do you and Mosaic (or your church) participate?

    1. Take short-term mission trips
    2. Support shelters for the homeless
    3. Budget to give regularly to local charities
    4. Budget to give regularly to international relief organizations
    5. Help run or serve in a food kitchen
    6. Spend time every week in a charity program
    7. Sponsor a child (or children) through World Vision or another organization
    8. Partner with a church in a poor area or developing country
    9. Work with at-risk young people
    10. Other (please list)

How would you rate the long-term effectiveness of each of these efforts? How might you refocus your efforts, based on what you’ve read in chapter 11?

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