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MoBook Club Discussion: Are we ignoring poverty?

MoBook Club Discussion: Are we ignoring poverty? This question refers to Week 1 – Question 2 in your Reading and Study Guide: Do you agree that poverty and suffering in the world have been – and are – drowned out by “choruses of praise music in hundreds of thousands of churches across our country” (prologue, pg 11)? Why or why not? What is Mosaic (or your church) doing to help the poor? How can you help it do more? If you are participating in the MoBook Club, please join in this discussion by posting a comment below. It is not too late to join! Please email to receive a Reading and Study Guide or for more information.


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  1. Kathryn

    I do believe we can caught up in doing the “church” thing and not worry about taking the gospel to the world. Our church participates in a program called interfaith where homeless families stay for a week at different churches in connection with Fayetteville Urban Ministries. During the day these families go to a center where they are assisted with finding a job, getting training, finding a place to live etc. The church body provides meals at nights for the families and packs them lunch the next day and an overnight host stays with the families in case a need arises during the night. This program is well run, but sometimes it is hard to find people willing to stay overnight from the church. I believe it is because people are uncomfortable spending real time with people so unlike us. The body is willing to donate food prepare a meal and eat with the families but the idea of sitting with these families without an activity to do is uncomfortable for many- including myself. It is a real stretch for me and makes me uncomfortable. As far as my own individual efforts I don’t do a lot or even think a lot about the homeless in our area. Sometimes I worry about being taken advantage of or scammed. I think sometimes it is easier to travel across the world to minister than to really minister in our own backyards.

    Comment by Kathryn on January 19, 2012 at 3:07 pm