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MoBook Club Discussion: “Christ, in his most distressing disguise”

MoBook Club Discussion: “Christ, in his most distressing disguise”

Think about your experience of working with the poor and marginalized in your community – or anyone you have helped through a tough time. Have there been moments when you, like Mother Teresa, saw “Christ, in his most distressing disguise” (chap 4, pg 60)? Describe that situation and what it’s teaching you upon reflection.


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  1. Lisa

    Just recently, I had the opportunity to visit a foster home in this city. There were 9 special needs children being taken care of by a family who has a HUGE heart! The special needs included cerebral palsy, spinal bifida, dwarfism, hydrocephaly, autism…. these children, because of their “defects” had been left at hospitals, government orphanages (which here, could mean a death sentence; especially for special needs children), police stations and even on trains and buses. As I spent time and looked into their eyes, I could see Christ. Even the children who could not communicate would make eye contact with me and I could see Christ! It was an incredible experience for me. I also found Christ in the family who was caring for these beautiful children. At the time of my visit, two 23 year old girls were in charge. The love, patience and respect they showed for these children of God blew me away. What an awesome day for me~spent in the presence of Christ!

    Comment by Lisa on January 17, 2012 at 9:57 pm

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