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MoBook Club Discussion: Is prayer a weapon?

MoBook Club Discussion: Is prayer a weapon? Until now, what has been your belief about the power of prayer as a weapon against the pain of the world? a. Prayer is the most important weapon. b. We could pray, but what is really needed is our money. c. Prayer is an equally important weapon to be used alongside the work of churches, relief organizations and government aid.


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  1. Cathy

    My life experience tells me that prayer is the greatest single weapon on any topic or concern. Prayer is a conversation with Father God. It is not a laundry list. When in conversation, I am able to hear from Him and get His viewpoint. This is usually quite different from mine and I am able to change my mind and see things His way.

    When I do this, then, I develop a mindset that is more in keeping with His. When I have His mind foremost in my mind, then I am able to discern what He wants from me. It is this point that goes with the question. At one point, He might want to do nothing more than pray. On another situation, He will want me to give financially. And on the last point, He might want me to be involved through my time by giving of myself through an effort that is sponsored by organizations; either my church or outside agencies.

    He should be the one making the decisions because it is through the concerted orchestration of Himself that the good works need to be done and not through human efforts.

    Comment by Cathy on February 9, 2012 at 7:44 pm

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