Encounter The Spirit


Week One: Their Story

1. If your story was being told as a superhero epic tale, who would your sidekick be? Who is your arch-nemesis?
2. Be honest. In worship, are you an observer or a worshiper? What would you say is the difference?
3. What do you know about sanctification?
4. At this point in your spiritual journey, was has been your experience of the Holy Spirit?

β€œIn sanctification, God harnesses and redirects our strengths.” – Keith Drury, Holiness for Ordinary People



  1. Carolyn Moore

    (Note from Carolyn: If you’re doing the questions, congratulations! Think of this like a blog, not a test. These are your thoughts. Go with the flow.)

    1. I don’t like thinking of Jesus as a “sidekick,” even though I’m thinking that’s probably the “right” answer to this question. Really, he is more like … everything.

    Here’s my most honest response: My sidekick right now is my phone. It is always right there, and to be honest it sort of runs my life. I remember when I used to leave my phone downstairs at night. I can’t imagine doing that now. Just writing this makes me stop to think about my life and goals … I am grateful for all the technology around me, but wonder how much of the Spirit it is drowning out.

    My arch-nemesis? Not sure. Maybe the spirit of fear. Or pride.

    2. I’d have to say I’m a worshiper, although there are a lot of weeks at church where everyone around me says they’ve experienced the Holy Spirit and I’m scratching my head and wondering how I missed it. As a pastor, I sometimes get so wrapped up in what’s supposed to be happening that I miss the chance to worship. Developing that ability to be present to the Spirit while being “in charge of things” has been a long process. The difference for me is this: when I worship, I leave filled and energized. When I observe, I leave bored. And I know this, that it isn’t the people on stage who keep me at a distance from God. It is me. My attitude. My openness. My willingness to encounter the Spirit.

    3. It is a process, not an event. Sanctification is all about grace. It is about learning more and more about God, and dipping more and more into the vast pool of the Kingdom, discovering everything He is and everything I’ve been made to be.

    4. I go through these seasons where I all-the-sudden realize I don’t know what I think I know about God. I will break through a wall and see so much on the other side, and realize just how much darkness I still have in my life. So I have experienced the Holy Spirit. I have been filled. I have known that fullness and power and joy and love. But I also know that there is so much more left to learn than what I’ve already learned. I am just getting started.

    Comment by Carolyn Moore on May 27, 2012 at 6:37 am

  2. Tina Nance

    1. I actually have two side kicks. One is a really good side kick to have and the other well, it can get in the way of alot of things in my life if I am not careful. My first side kick would be my good friend Meredith. She is a very Godly woman and I share everything with her, she has walked with the Lord for a very long time so when I have anything on my heart I can go to her and she won’t give me “her” opinion but she will open her Bible and give me what God’s word says about it, unlike many of us who always wanna share “our” opinion to others when they have issues in life. My other side kick would be my phone. It is with me all the time, where ever I go. Depending on what is going on, I’ve even been known to carry it to the bathroom when I’m taking a shower because I don’t wanna miss that important text or call. It is crazy!

    My arch-nemesis would be Depression and Fear. I’ve missed out on alot of things because my depression and fear have held me back.

    2. I’ve been going to church for the past 11 years and its sad to say that for the past 10 of the 11 years, I was an observer. To me an observer, is someone who goes to church, goes through the motions, but doesn’t get much out of the message or the worship time. They leave church often feeling empty inside. For the longest time, that is how I felt. But over the past year, I have definately put on a new self and a new heart for worship and no matter how I feel, I go to church with the expectation of learning something new about God. I leave feeling renewed and refreshed for the week ahead. To me, worship is laying your problems aside and thanking Jesus for all he has done for you no matter how big or how small it seems. You definately have to have the right attitude in order to be a worshiper.

    3. Sanctification is a long process that doesn’t happen over night. I often forget this and wonder why it seems like I’m still at week 1 of when I first truly got saved a year ago. It is the process where Jesus is molding us to become more like him.

    4. Because I struggle with depression, I go through alot of ups and downs in my spiritual walk with the Lord. But I love it when I get to a point where I am literally crying my eyes out and God reveals himself to me. He always reveals himself to me just when I need him to. Something great may happen that I never seen or thought could ever happen or I am told something from someone at just the right moment and I really needed to hear it and I knew it came from God. I still have so much more to learn but I can look back even from a year ago and I can see God’s foot prints on my life. My life has drastically changed from a year ago, some very positive things, and some not so positive things but over all, I still thank God because he is molding me and making me into the person HE wants me to be!!!

    Comment by Tina Nance on May 27, 2012 at 3:57 pm

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