Encounter The Spirit


Week Three: Your Gifts

Think of a spiritual gift as a talent or skill that seems to be bring the most joy and usefulness when you’re using it for God.

1. What is your most unique spiritual gift? What about your most fruitful gift?
2. Which of your skills or talents brings you the most joy?
3. Do you have “gift envy”? Do you like the things you’re good at or do you secretly wish you had someone else’s gifts? What gift do you wish you had?
4. Which habits pull you away from God? Which habits draw you closer?

“The place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger intersect.” –
Frederick Buechner


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  1. Tina Nance

    1. I believe that my most unique spiritual gift would be my ability to sing. My most fruitful gift is the ability to listen and encourage others.

    2. It really pleases me and brings so much joy to my heart to be able to talk with someone who is down or hurting and give them a word of encouragement from the Lord. I love sharing God’s love with others. I recently came in contact with a young woman online who inquired about me doing photography for her wedding and next thing I knew she was sharing with me intimate details about her life and asking me to pray for her. She instantly opened up to me when she found out I was a christian. I just love how God brings people together like that.

    3. I don’t know if its “envy” but I admire those who are bold enough to go and lay hands on the sick, especially those they don’t know or don’t know that well and pray for them. I love praying for people but I am more of an intercessor praying person than someone that is really bold to walk up to them and say “Lets pray”.

    4. Day to Day stuff pulls me away from God. It seems there is never enough hours in the day. Setting aside time for God and being consistent with that same time every day pulls me closer to God.

    Comment by Tina Nance on June 10, 2012 at 2:51 pm

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