Glory Sightings


Glory Sightings

What is a glory sighting? It is an area where you have seen God at work either in your life or in your surroundings.   We’d love to hear your story.  Take a moment to share your glory sighting here, and we’ll post it as an encouragement to others.



  1. Curt Hill

    Well this is my first Glory sighting of many to come. Me and two fellow youth pastors, (AaronTalbot, and Carrel Davis) drove to Eatonton, Ga. on the out skirts of our Methodist district. We got the oppertunity last night to play music for about 20 -25 kids. How cool is that what a treat! The other God thing in all of this was because we were so passionate about the kids, and this oppertunity, Adam who is the youth pastor at Eatonton UMC is going to try and start bringing his kids to District Activities and getting in volved in the District meetings Praise God!
    It was just a real Joy to be able to go and play some music for some kids and be the face of Jesus, and the response was pretty cool to, so praise God for the many chances he gives us to grow the Kingdom.

    Comment by Curt Hill on March 27, 2012 at 9:45 am

  2. kathleen herlo

    Recovery from abuse is a long and tough battle, one that requires a deep Godly love. Ted has that kind of love for me, and I for him. It is because of that love that the struggle we are facing is so important, because it is where we have to allow God to work. Celeste shared a vision of God carrying me to this point, a point where I have a voice, an identity, a sense of self.For someone who is recovering from the effects ,(impact) of abuse on their life , this is a critical realization, I am not alone, He is carrying me and we will make it to the finish line because He loves me enough to carry me across it. In my weakness He is strong, and will fight my battle if I will allow Him. We saw Gods’ glory in that vision Celeste shared with us.

    Comment by kathleen herlo on March 27, 2012 at 11:55 am

  3. Kate Booth

    I see the Glory of God in every prayer shawl we send out into the community. Two weeks ago, I sent out 3 beautiful shawls. Last week 1 went out. As of tomorrow when my friend Karen comes to pick them up, our total for this week will be 6 more shawls.

    The glory of God is seen when the card defining the shawl is read, and the shawl is taken from the bag and placed around the shoulders of the person it was designed and crafted for.

    The comments are always the same, “How did you know? How did you know this was my favorite color.” The glory of God shines on everyone that one of these beautiful shawls comforts and carresses. They are all handmade, prayed over while in the crafting, and when selected, and when delivered. They are always right on time, they are always a portrait of God’s love, protection, mercy, and grace. They rest on, around, an over those who He loves.

    We are all humbled when we see how some fiber, some sticks, and some hands workin for God can produce a glory sighting. To Him be all the credit. He covers all of us.

    Comment by Kate Booth on March 29, 2012 at 10:42 am

  4. Glenn Hazard

    I am literally sitting here with tears of joy and gratitude in my eyes after reading Kates comments…God bless you

    I have experienced the kingdom everyday since coming to the fellowship at Mosaic…and this really exposes me but Iv struggled with addiction for over 40 years…every day of my life since that first experience with drugs and then alcohol…not a day has gone by without some sort of use or struggle not to…or dealing with the aftermath of the latest over-indulgence…until earlier this year…I was in prayer at the cross at the end of service and struggling as usual until someone put their hand on my shoulder and it was like the heavens opened…and God spoke to me very clearly about calling me to serve Him in probably 1972…I failed miserably and from that moment on I rarely drew a sober breathe…I was able to repent of my sin and I havent had a drink since and the miracle of it is that unlike all those past years it has been what I choose to call a DIVINE DELIVERANCE…and maybe because someone was obedient to Gods prompting to pray for me and to show their compassion by laying a hand on me….prayer…and obedience are powerful…and God chooses to work through US….humble, broken servants obeying God.
    I nearly shared this here last week but couldnt find the courage to in such a public forum but Carolyn spoke about that second chain of shame being broken Sunday…..this is the life that iv dreamed of for many years and now its a reality and I want to share it….not only has God broken the chain of my addiction but the chain of the shame Iv carried for just as long….God bless you all that work for the Kingdom…may His will be done on earth as it is in HEAVEN…thank you Carolyn…thank you Steve…thank you nameless, faceless hand at the cross and

    Comment by Glenn Hazard on April 2, 2012 at 1:43 pm

  5. Nora Apple

    Hi Guys,
    What a beautiful day to be a child of God! His glory sightings continue to flow over us.

    I would like to pass along my glory sighting for this week to family, friends and loved ones. I’ll probably ramble and you may have trouble following but I think the message will be clear.

    Recently, when people ask, “How is your Mother?”, I sadly shake my head and say, “not good”.
    I prayed with Carolyn, Jean and Tom W. yesterday regarding Mother’s health issues and mine and Arthur’s stressful coping (I thank God everyday for Arthur. Don’t know what I would do without him or my loving children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, the best in-laws, pastor and my ‘MO’ family.). Upon awakening this morning, God suddenly opened my eyes to the fact that Mother is really fine and we are the ones who are a ‘MESS”. Her doctor had told me that Mother’s physical and mental conditions bothered us more than they did her. She would always tell the doctor, “I’m fine; don’t have any complaints”. Even with her current conditions (the doctor tells me they are serious) she continues to tell the doctors the same thing. She will always turn and ask me, “Nora, I haven’t been complaining about anything, have I?”. When I tell the doctor what’s happening, she will say, “Are you sure? Well, I didn’t know that.” Most of the time, she is not really aware of what’s going on with her physically. She has her bad moments but one minute I prepare myself to take her to the emergency room and the next second she wants to know where are we going today and if we don’t have any appointments, she wants to know if we can at least go out to eat. Oh, and she also tells me we need to find some place to go. I now realize that we are dealing with her situation as to how it makes us feel. The old ‘me’ factor. I am praising God that he continues to bless her and that her memory loss, in this situation, is a good thing. Hopefully, this realization will help us to live each day knowing that in her mind, she is really ‘fine’.
    Please continue to pray for her speedy recovery. Surgery is scheduled for April 19th at Doctor’s Hospital. Also, pray that we will continue to look at the big picture and not focus on our feelings but rejoice in the knowledge that she is doing great. And, by the way, we are in great shape for the shape we’re in. 🙂
    Love and appreciate you guys. YOU ARE THE BEST!

    Comment by Nora Apple on April 4, 2012 at 11:21 am

  6. Julia Impink

    This morning, I woke to a quiet condo. As I walked toward the open glass doors on the balcony, I could see my husband sitting quietly, just gazing at the view of the Halifax River. When he saw me, he grinned and whispered, “Look how beautiful this is.”. The whisper said it all – it was beautiful – and serene. The only sounds were God’s sounds. I joined my husband and we shared the most wonderful glory sighting!

    Comment by Julia Impink on April 7, 2012 at 8:11 pm

  7. Sandy Uzpurvis

    When we go off on vacations, my friend Becky comes to take care of our three cats. Sometimes she brings her two grandchildren – two little girls age 3 and 6. They always loved “Precious Princess”, talked about her and looked forward to petting her and taking care of her with their Nana. (the two Siamese were less friendly and not always “available.”)
    The girls were visiting with Becky this week and were quite upset over the news that their Precious Princess had died.
    (Precious was 17, had kidney failure and the Vet recommended putting her to sleep.)

    This morning Becky called and said they would like to come over. They had something for me. I thought to myself, “Oh Lord, help me to be strong and courageous and not cry in front of the children.” They came in and very quietly sat down, then they hugged me and gave me little sympathy cards they had made. One of the cards had a Bible verse on the bottom: “Joshua 1:9 – Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

    I was so touched! It was like God allowed Precious, through that verse, to tell me she was safely on the other side and sending me back God’s comfort and love. How special is the innocent love of a child, the unconditional love of a pet and the infinite love of God. I was able to keep composure but the tears came after they left because I felt an awesome glorious “hug from heaven.” Just couldn’t help it.

    This may sound like a “crazy story” to some people, but I for one am sure that I received a “strong” spiritual message from glory today. God is always with us and always speaking to us. We just have to be quiet and listen.

    Comment by Sandy Uzpurvis on April 9, 2012 at 11:03 am

  8. Glenn Hazard

    Last night was a Glory sighting for me…it is so amazing to see the evident hand of God, to see and fellowship with people that have been changed by their encounter and walk with Jesus…I love my small group, I love my pastor and I love Kelli, Jean, Faith and Tim who very quietly carried my burdens a couple of miles last night…I got a lesson in foot washing.Let me tell you it is a humbling…very humbling experience…but when YOU are the person being washed…words cant express, they cant convey how much I love God who became man and brought ME back to Him IN MY SIN AND UGLINESS and conceived of this incredible thing called the church….it shouldnt work but it does because it is Christ (Ephesians 1;22,23) that fills it.I am awed and amazed to be a member of this earthly body of the ressurected God we worship and serve…and I meet Him mondays nights and I am NEVER the same.

    Comment by Glenn Hazard on April 10, 2012 at 9:52 am

  9. Sandy Uzpurvis

    Our message on Sunday mentioned Valleys. Maybe this poem would be of interest.

    The Valley
    by Sandy Uzpurvis

    When life has knocked me down, I get up and try again;
    When I think I can’t go on, I look for a way to mend;
    When I’ve finally given up, I reach out and grab a hand;
    The one that’s been there all along, while I have tried to stand.

    I have no power of my own, no life control for sure;
    It’s only through the Spirit’s force I somehow can endure.
    It’s when I finally realize in letting go of will,
    There is a Higher Power my empty heart can fill.

    The valleys seem so shadowy, confusion there abounds;
    My troubles overwhelm me, my adversity astounds.
    I long for crisp clean mountain air, of peaks so far removed;
    A place where solace comes to me and spirits are improved.

    The mountain tops are rare and clean, the view from there is clear;
    But it’s only through the valley’s voice that we our Savior hear.
    The special peaks of precious times spent in solitude
    Are never meant to take the place of insight’s gratitude.

    The valleys are so rich and green, the growth for us is there;
    Without the hardship and the toil, we do not learn to care.
    There is a reason for circumstance, it’s message at times concealed;
    To learn in perfect season, when by God it is revealed.

    Formed in the valleys of our lives, the fertile soil of pain;
    We grow to comfort others when they too face heavy rain.
    Our greening in the valley gives new life to tortured souls;
    Our courage in the growing can show the One who holds.

    My sweet release rides on the wind, the mighty force unseen,
    The Master holds my every move, on self I cannot lean.
    Faith in the One I know who loves me through and through;
    Who lifts me up on eagle wings, shows me another view.

    Comment by Sandy Uzpurvis on April 23, 2012 at 5:20 pm

  10. Glenn Hazard

    I have an answered prayer in a small box in my desk and every time I see it I get a small thrill at the memory of it….I love nature and the great outdoors and especially WILDERNESS…it is my GO TO PLACE when the everyday mundane world gets to me and I must say I love Georgia as I am not a native son. Iv discovered Cumberland Island and have now been twice. it is unbelievably lovely and quiet and EMPTY and amazing to camp near the beach in a Live Oak forest full of wild ponies and such a dark night sky full of stars….Iv been blessed to be there during meteor showers both times….nature restores my soul.
    My first trip there was after some offshore storms and the beach was littered with treasures and especially Georgias state seashell the Knobbed Whelk….my backpack was much heavier on the trip home than it was coming in!….it was a beautiful trip and I wanted to return soon.
    That was in October 2011 so this summer I was able to return and I was anxious to share my FIND with my lovely Puerto Rican sweetheart Lourdes who has never been camping!PR is a small densely populated island and camping is not as popular there as in these states where there is so much more ROOM
    The first thing I noticed was that the beach was EMPTY…as empty as if it had been raked and vacuumed…it was clean and not a shell to be found….on the last day there I said a simple prayer and asked God the give me ONE thing to bring home! and I asked for a whole perfect unbroken sand dollar which I had never seen there but in pieces…I really believe God cares for us that much….He made the IMMENSE incredibly beautiful cosmos…this still expanding universe all for our enjoyment. so after we broke camp and were waiting for the ferry out we decided to take one last walk on the beach and i have to say I was pretty sad at leaving empty handed after such a rich trip before and as we were walking and talking I spied a perfect sand dollar on that empty windswept beach and the JOY! Oh ,I said to Lourdes LOOK, I prayed for this! and she said to me, Amor….I did too….
    So here in a box in my desk is this small, real answered prayer that was such a source of delight for me….until lately…somehow the joy it gave me to take it out and look at its fragile tangible existence has faded and left me wondering why?…Im still amazed the the Almighty God of all creation still cares enough about me to give such sweet small gifts…..after all He made the ultimate sacrifice when He humbled Himself and became a man, flesh and blood, REAL and willingly laid down His life to pay my sin-debt and make me whole and perfect in Gods sight….a shell is a small thing when considered that He is the LORD, MIGHTY IN BATTLE….so mighty in fact that He broke the chains of an addiction that held me in bondage for 40 years, that wasted this precious fragile life that He gave me for His Glory and reduced this crowning creation of His to a miserable ugly thing….wasted the sacrifice He made on the cross….
    I think that often we get comfortable when all the mess is cleaned up and all the fires are out and life is good…and life for me is very very good now…but do I tend to keep my answered prayers in a box? Quietly tucked away to show others when it suits me and it is safe and cleaned up? We are the Light of the world, a city on a hill, we are the gospel that the world needs to see and hear, the salt of the earth…Jesus said, I am the Light of the world, whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness but will have the Light of LIFE…does the world need the light of life?does the world need to hear that the blind can see and that He can break the chains of addiction and restore broken lives?
    I have LOVED this series on the book Radical by David Platt….and I have seen how distantly I follow Jesus and how easy it is to become blinded and confused by STUFF….and I have had some wonderful rich times of repentance and found my JOY again…what an AWESOME God and what a FRIEND…God Bless you today

    Comment by Glenn Hazard on September 18, 2012 at 5:43 am

  11. Glenn Hazard

    #26ACTS of Kindness

    I am fond of bumperstickers….that is, I love and hate them. I have always worn my political affiliations on my sleeve (or my trucks bumper), and Im always straining to read the sticker in front of me in traffic and thinking of new ways to say what is important to me in just a very few precise words…and t-shirts, my favorite.I could happily spend my days screen printing handcrafted colorful witty christian t-shirts and maybe I will one of these days but the challenge always is how to just NAIL the message so it conveys your thought or evokes that response on such a limited canvas.I absolutely LOVED the message sunday last about angels…the ultimate tweeters…

    One popular message we see today advocates random acts of kindness as a response to the ME FIRST attitude we experience in public, in traffic, shopping, everywhere. Iv always had a personal aversion to that philosophy because as I follow Jesus I want to practice kindness PURPOSEFULLY not randomly….my walk in this world isnt random but thoughtfully practicing Gods Love…I hope.

    A new spin on that philosophy is the #26ACTS of Kindness in the aftermath of the horror in Newtown.I am not getting on a soapbox…I wish there was some way that ANY act of kindness could obliterate or cause a do over of that unspeakableness….but………I follow Jesus, and day after day it becomes to me the only act that makes any sense…how can one NOT want to follow such unspeakable LOVE…what other choice makes any sense? The error in #26ACTS is, to me, that the number is wrong.And there will always be a difference in the way the world sees things and the way I see things since Iv met Him.26 innocents died at the hand of one very troubled young man…a young man whose name will be added to other pariahs of history but Jesus loves him and died for him in the most selfless act in history…and that sadness was only ONE ACT that my Lord carried that day on the cross next to my sin and rebellion…praises to God.Oh I love him, but the love in my heart is not even my own because I was a deadman in my sin and God breathed His love into my dead soul like Lazarus and I awoke.

    Its Christmas and I wish Gods blessing for you in Jesus….I love following Him…my desire for the coming year is to follow Him more selflessly and honor Him with every dollar and every act…to slow down and listen more closely to His voice and to speak the good news to everyone I meet…and if necesary, use words.

    Comment by Glenn Hazard on December 20, 2012 at 7:44 pm

  12. Glenn Hazard

    I see the kingdom every sunday as I walk in to my much loved Mosaic sanctuary and see the people of God changed by their encounter with Jesus…you who came before me and worship with me and seek to honor and praise Him…it is for me what I look forward to all week.
    I lost my job in 2013 for the first time in my life and got a real lesson in faith and trust…He is there, always. He is there asleep in the boat with the wind and waves crashing, waiting. And He is there in the body of Christ I found.I want to thank all those who gave me work in the 3 months I was without a job and suffering through the fear of losing my home…I have so much to learn and I look to you as Christs example…thank you.

    Job said: though He slay me yet will I trust in Him…and, The LORD gives and the LORD takes away, blessed be the name of the LORD….AMEN

    Comment by Glenn Hazard on January 17, 2013 at 7:38 pm

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