The Master’s Plan

Our building tells our story.  We are a church with a loading dock, a fact that reflects our passion for serving.  Every week, Mosaic’s volunteers are loading food in and out of the church as we prepare to serve adults with disabilities at Maxwell Hosue, Third Saturday participants in Columbia County or an elderly person living in the inner city.  Our building gives voice to our vision to be a missional congregation.

We consider opportunities to give food as invitations to get to know people.  Food gives us permission to get involved in someone’s life, to pray with them and care for their spiritual needs.  This year, we installed a food pantry beneath a stairwell, then added a second room for non-perishable items and Third Saturday supplies.  We completed the construction of yet another room for missions in January, 2013, and continue to think strategically about our master plan for redesigning the whole building.