Adult Small Groups



The Foundation

(Topical and Bible Studies)


The Letter to the Romans
Who: Men and Women
When: Tuesdays, 7 – 8:30p
Where: 682 Low Meadow Drive Evans, GA. 30809
Leaders: Steve and Carolyn Moore
Phone: (706)294-4573

The book of Romans is considered by many to be the Apostle Paul’s greatest written work.  In this OneBook study, Dr. Ben Witherington III will lead us to grow in knowledge and faith as we discover the enormous breadth and depth of Scripture contained therein. Over the course of twelve weeks, we will be led towards holy love, revealing more of Christ through deeper understanding. (Books are $16.00)

The Epic of Eden: Isaiahtedkathy
Who:  Men and Women
When: Tuesdays, 6:30-8p
Fridays, 12 – 1:30p
Where:  Room 3
Leader:  Ted and Kathleen Herlo
Phone: (706)294-9534
Often named “the fifth gospel,” the book of Isaiah has more to say about Israel’s coming Messiah than any other Old Testament book.  Brilliant, courageous, uncompromising, this prophet declared that “the year of the LORD” had come and God’s people needed to either step up, or stand down.  Indeed, when Isaiah spoke, kings trembled.  But too often, when Isaiah speaks today, God’s people have trouble hearing.  Why?  We often miss the larger context.  In The Epic of Eden: Isaiah, Dr. Sandra Richter takes participants back to the eighth century BCE.  This eight-week study explains Israel’s religion and economy, explores the definition and role of the prophets, and helps us to apply the message of this great champion of the faith to our lives today. (Books are $22.00.)

ann n

Loving our Lord
OneBook: The Epic of Eden
Who: Women of all ages
Where: Room 12
When: Thursdays, 1 – 2:30 pm
Leader: Ann Nordin
Phone: (706)830-5915

The Old Testament can feel like a junk drawer – a disorganized collection of important stuff we don’t want to lose yet don’t know what to do with.  From the Pentateuch to patriarchs and from kings to prophets, it can feel like a puzzle we’ve tried to put together but end up putting back in the box because it’s too complicated.  The Epic of Eden is ideal for those looking for a deep and profound exploration of the Old Testament.  The understanding gained will lead to new depths of New Testament faith for everyday life in the real world. (Books are $25.00.)


The Relationship
Focused Formational Groups)

mike bThe Spirit-led Life
Who: Men and Women
When: Thursdays 6:30 – 8p
Where: Room 12
Leader: Mike Barr
Phone: (706)399-1893
Join us as we explore what it means to live a Spirit-led life. Through perfectly crafted teachings based on biblical truths we will learn together how to walk in Spirit and in Truth as we strengthen our relationship with the Lord. (No book required.)

(Seekers to Followers to Disciples)steve_cutcliffe
Who: Men and Women
When: Thursdays, 10 – 11:30a
Where: Maxwell House Apartments
Leader: Steve Cutcliffe
Phone: (706)550-5023
S2F2D = Seekers to Followers to Disciples. Enjoy a sweet time of fellowship and study with our friends at the Maxwell House Apartments, Greene Street, downtown. (No book purchase required.)

Fun in the Son
Who: Men and WomenBrad and Kelli
When: Thursdays, 7 – 8:30p
Where: Room 3
Leaders: Brad and Kelli Atchison and Julia Impink
Phone: (803)341-1239
Join us each week as we pray for each other and share how God’s grace is changing our hearts, our lives, and our relationships with others. Our Class Meeting group format focuses on building relationships that build community. (No book purchase required.)
Deeper Waters
(Young Adult Discipleship)
Who: Men and Women
(30 years of age and under)unnamed
Where: Room 1
When: Thursdays,8 – 9:30p
Leader: Christopher Goss
No matter what leg of the Journey you are on, this community is for you.  God has uniquely blessed this group to be enriching to both the hungry seeker and the disciplined believer. Because of its conversational teaching nature and God’s grace, we can go deep in the scriptures, with each other, and most importantly with the Lord.

Men’s Monthly Breakfast
Who: Men of all agesbill_richey
When: 4th Sundays, 8 – 8:50a
Where: Room 12
Leader: Bill Richey
Phone: (706)339-8691
Men of all ages meet for fellowship and sharing the Word. Come and enjoy a biscuit and little time with your brothers. (No book purchase required.)



The Relationship
(Focused Formational Groups)

Pacarolyn 2016.8.11nera UMC
(Three questions and a cup of coffee.)
Who: Men and Women
When: Thursdays, 7:30 – 8:30a
Where: Panera Bread, Mullins Crossing
Leader: Carolyn Moore
Phone: (706)877-6468

Through this intentional small group model, we will learn what it looks like to walk with Jesus in community; we will build lasting, meaningful relationships; and we will grow together as disciples. Join us for three spiritual accountability questions and a cup of coffee. (No book purchase required.)

The Activation

(Mission and Ministry Teams)

Linda cutcliffe png

Who: Men and Women
When: Thursday, 9 – 10:30p
Where: Café
Leader: Linda Cutcliffe
Join us for a devotional hour spent together followed by a wonderful time of ministry service at Maxwell House Apartments (MH).  We will meet in the Café at 9 a.m. Then we will load up with food from our pantry to deliver to the residents of MH along with hugs and prayer.

War Room
(Intercessory Prayer)
Who: Men and Women
When:  9 – 10:00a

Where: Prayer RoomSandy Uzpurvis
Leader: Sandy Uzpurvis
Phone: (706)869-8849
War Room meets weekly for a heartfelt discussion of prayer needs, followed by a time of prayer.  The War Room is informed of current and pressing needs and praises for Mosaic families and ministries, and dedicated to lifting them up before God.

The Development
(Equipping and Developing Leaders)

Mosaic University
Who: Men and Women
When: Bimonthly, Mondays
6:30 – 8:30p20150320_081615
Where: Room 3
Leader: Heather Hill
Phone: (470)349-9255
Mosaic University is what we like to call our Leadership Incubator.  Our focus is teaching the basics of what it means to be a disciple and a follower of Jesus inside this community. (No book purchase required.)
(college-age and over)

LifeConnections: Mentoring
Who: Men and Women
Phone: (470)349-9255
As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.  Proverbs 27:17
LifeConnections is discipleship in its purest form. It is an opportunity to grow spiritually through a relationship based on Godly perspectives and Biblical truth.